Waking Up With: <em>Amber and Chris Earl</em>

Waking Up With: Amber and Chris Earl

Husband and wife team Chris and Amber Earl own the brand Earl Home. Their style is effortless and inviting - a true reflection of their warm personalities and focus on cultivating community. Aside from being good friends of ours, we also collaborate with them on our Blanket Hanger. Here, we chat with them about current life and working from home together.

What is your morning routine? Has it changed at all in quarantine?

Our morning routine is very different since Covid, and it’s actually quite amazing! We came up with the best hack… we take turns every other morning sleeping in. The one up early takes care of the kids. The other, sleeps in and then makes the bed. I’m not sure if this sounds terrible or not, but we never used to make our bed. Now it’s made every morning. It doesn’t take long, and it’s really no effort. But, it makes you feel so much more put together and transforms your mood for the day.

“We came up with the best hack... we take turns every other morning sleeping in.”


As people who curate beauty in many aspects of your lives - from dinners and food to your furniture and ceramics, what are some tips you have for others looking to do the same?

We place a lot of value in our relationships and in seeking to be a welcoming place for all. These current times have been a bit challenging in that regard; having to distance ourselves from people we love. We have had some success in coming up with ways to still let our friends know we love them from afar. Sending packages, snail mail, Facetimes, Zoom dates, picnics with the kids, or an at-home date have all been part of the repertoire. In all of that, we’ve found the truest answer for us is to continue trying to create beautiful moments throughout the day…even when they can only be just little glimpses.

If you guys could do anything for one day (imagining there is no pandemic) what would you do?

We would be meandering around some city we’ve never been to, exploring, sampling all of the street food, and stumbling on some great place to while the evening away.

Tell us about something that you have learned about yourself in the past year. What have you done with that new realization?

It’s nothing new, but we’ve realized that communication is always the key. It sounds trite of course, but while being siloed together it’s even more important to be completely open. It’s been ever more important to listen first and assume the good in the other. Luckily we have found this to be a key in unlocking a lot of deepening and important conversations both between the two of us and with our family and broader circles of friends and acquaintances.

What words do you most need to hear every day?

It sounds so great when out of no where our little ones say “I love you”.

“We know that we are incapable of doing each other's job.”

What’s the hardest part about working together with your spouse? Best part?

Hardest part is that we just think differently. From time management, to what it takes to complete a task, we have different perspectives. It takes some effort, but we work to make this become a strength rather than a fault. We know that we are incapable of doing each other’s job. At the end of the day, we are so thankful that we have each other’s strengths and point of view to rely upon. We always know we can trust the other to be working for our ultimate good, even when it’s frustrating.

Thing you are most craving / looking forward to about a post-Covid society?

Travel travel travel.