The Story Behind our Rugs

The Story Behind our Rugs

When we say “soft goods,” we generally mean textiles.

However, we’d like to take a moment to meditate on the larger idea of softness, and how we can apply it to our world. This summer we spent time in Panipat, India, not only to develop our wool rugs and throw pillows, but to meet the hands that crafted them.

We always keep sustainability and ethical values top of mind when sourcing our products. Our new collection of rugs is no different. Each piece is handwoven, primarily by women, on a loom. We work with factories that empower and respect their employees by offering flexible working hours, basic hygiene necessities, and provide educational resources for their children.

Cruz Throw Pillow | Amari Rug 6' x 9' | Amari Rug 2' x 3' | Marin Rug

The yarns used are dyed in small batches following traditional techniques that have been passed down generations. Good things take time, and we wait patiently for each unique piece. We hope when you receive this textile into your home, you’ll accept all of the warmth that comes with it.