Rest Easy Series: Lyn Hersh

Rest Easy Series: Lyn Hersh

Lyn is an LA based creative, she and her partner Sam are expecting their first baby any day now. We were lucky enough to chat with them before their daughter’s arrival. Here, we discuss her experience with pregnancy, the importance of a self care routine, and bed time rituals.

Hello! First off, tell us a little about yourselves and what you’ve been up to lately.

Hi! My name is Lyn, Sam and I currently reside in El Sereno. I am 40 weeks pregnant tomorrow with our first baby and have been anticipating her arrival. Lately I have been enjoying the transition into Spring with hikes and trips to the Farmers Markets. This time has felt especially important as I prepare myself for entering motherhood and welcoming in a new chapter of our lives.

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“Taking the time to create the balance of being able to unplug and unwind is key.”
Lyn Hersch

Tell us about your work, how did you get into it?

My full time job for 2 years now is a Special Projects/ Marketing role with the clean beauty company Saie. I have a Visual Communications degree and since graduating from college in 2015 I have worked in both the fashion and beauty industry. I also have a modeling contract for over 3 years now so occasionally get to enjoy that line of work as well.

What about your work continues to inspire you?

I really enjoy being a part of a creative team that works well together and is constantly expanding our scope of possibilities that lead to opportunities. We are fortunate to work for our founder who truly believes we can make anything happen and well.. We do. As for modeling, I enjoy going to shoots as a totally different experience of meeting new people and creating new relationships. Especially since it isn't full time, it's a nice mixup.

“I truly have enjoyed my pregnancy so much, it has really shown me first hand how incredible we are as women and what our bodies are capable of, I am amazed.”

You are becoming parents any day now! Has this experience (pregnancy, getting ready for parenthood, etc.) given you any new insights or perspective shifts? 

Her due date is actually tomorrow so any day now is right! I truly have enjoyed my pregnancy so much, it has really shown me first hand how incredible we are as women and what our bodies are capable of, I am amazed. As for getting ready, I have done my reading, have spoken to many mothers and am fortunate to have our Doula support me through this experience as a first time mom. Sam and I have always looked forward to the day we would get to be parents so it has been so exciting and such a learning for us to share what that looks like for each of us individually as a mother and a father  and how we come together as parents. Going to be a life changing journey.

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What part of becoming parents are you most excited about?

The first thing that comes to mind is seeing her become her own little person and being there along the way to teach her but also to learn from her. Also so excited to see Sam be a dad, he’s going to be a natural and truth be told I’ve been called Mama Lyn for so long now I was meant to be a mama.

What do you do to wind down at the end of the day? 

I am very routine oriented so winding down for me consists of sharing dinner together, going through my elaborate skin care routine making a list of what needs to be taken care of the following day and while pregnant doing acupressure, yoga ball moves and essential oils to get me settled before bed.

Can you walk us through your bedtime (or night time) ritual?

Very important to me to do a little self care every night with my skincare routine whether it's the steps or a mask  followed by getting the humidifier, diffuser and room set up for a night of good sleep.

What does self care mean to you?

Self care has always been a priority of mine as I have such a busy working mind that rarely rests. So taking the time to create the balance of being able to unplug and unwind is key. Taking care of my mind and body are things I incorporate into my schedule a few times a week, this can look different than what people may think as the usual self care. I often find myself thinking of self care/ retail therapy as a good haul to the farmers market and the joy I get from cooking a meal at home with Sam.

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What’s the last thing you do before sleep?

Set up the humidifier, spritz my pillow with Vagnus Nerve and give Sam a kiss goodnight. I don't let my phone be the first or last thing I do in a day.

What do you have on your nightstand?

Current read: Bringing Home a Newborn

Vagnus Nerve Pillow Spray

Lip Mask

Hand Cream


Photo of my mom 

Handwritten card from Sam 

Tell us about the last dream that you remember.

Funny enough I dreamt I went into labor in my room last night and woke up very confused to not be in labor. Every night has been a dream about the baby, she's already all I think about.