Our Cotton Collection

Our Cotton Collection

This collection is rooted in simplicity and versatility.

Inspired by modest weaving techniques and natural colors, we sought to create pieces that emphasize minimalist design and tremendous comfort, while acknowledging the casual nature of everyday life.

We are extremely excited about our first ever Cotton Blanket collection. Each handwoven blanket tells a unique story through color and texture, yet all five pieces come together to create one cohesive and beautiful family.

Elio: Offered in both black and rust, the Elio reimagines the traditional chevron weave through an enlarged pattern and bold use of color.

Claude: Inspired by traditional menswear suiting, Claude features a simple check pattern and explores additional depth of texture through slight irregularity in the black yarn.

Salem: Through modified weaving construction and the boldness of black, Salem’s step-pattern stripes are brought to life while varying yarn weights create the blanket’s clean, simple edge.